What’s next for the Houston Astrodome?

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s been the talk of the town; what to do with the Houston Astrodome?

There was a $217 million bond proposal to save the dome, but the November elections came and went, and Houstonians voted not to save it. Now officials are trying to make sense of it all.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett admits the price of the proposal, along with low voter turnout and other factors all played into the results at the polls. But that’s not all.

“Not to beat you guys up in the media, but every report on election night was about the convention center,” Emmett said. “It was never going to be turned into a convention center, but that became a buzz word. So I had a lot of voters say we don’t need another convention center and I agree. That wasn’t what the plan was.”

But don’t think you’ll see a wrecking ball taking to the dome anytime soon. Officials are still going to hold more meetings and listen to more proposals.

Only time will tell if the Eighth Wonder of the World is here to stay or go.

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