When it come to the circus, addressing the elephant in the room

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Grego talks about the elephant in the room, as in the use of animals for duty to nation or as circus performers.

"Circus performers get no respect. 'What are you gonna do run away and join the circus?!' Ha, you've heard that right? Yet the performers making a living under the big top 'are' 'very' talented! here's where I'm going. It was big news when Ringling Brothers announced they were retiring the elephant acts and moving them to Florida.. People voiced relief / others outrage over the move saying animal acts - specifically elephants - are what the circus is all about! Then came the calls to get rid of the tigers, too! I read a Facebook post demanding that on viewer feedback from one of you! Okay, how do you feel about the U.S. army doing research in South Africa to determine if elephants can be trained to smell out explosives? They got the idea because of the way the endangered species is able to intentionally avoid the mine fields of poachers across Africa! Tests show they get bomb-sniffing pretty quickly, and remember the training longer than dogs. They also mess up sometimes, which in war could mean, boom! So to my initial statement 'circus performers get no respect.' If the pachyderms are used by the military for their trunk sniffers, like a bomb dog - should this too lead to public outcry? Is it any more or less a form of animal cruelty than being led around by a dude with a whip twirling balls for peanuts? Could it be, even in the animal kingdom service to country, risking your life and tusks in battle is considered acceptable and honorable versus working in show biz entertaining people of all ages like a glorified clown? And yes, I'll acknowledge the elephant in the room, suddenly, somehow I feel like an elephant."



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