Where Texas colleges rank on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card

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HOUSTON, Tx. – How did some of Texas’ top schools do on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card for 2014?

The annual report ranks are based on accessibility to sexual health resources and safe sex information available to students on campus.

The Beavers were on top of this list with Oregon State University blowing up at #1. But coming in at #2, the University of Texas. Looks like they’re learning even more on how to wrap that horn down in Austin. They moved up the ranked list from #7 last year.

University of Houston made a rise in the rankings, too. Last year at #123, they made their move to #94.

But the hooters over at Rice are slipping, from #53 last year, the owls fell hard to #59.

And Texas Christian University must have been boning up on their sex ed. There’s no way abstinence only policy moved them from #118 to #111.

And finally, the Baylor Bears finished last on the list for Texas schools, guess they’re still trusting that good old Baylor bubble to keep ‘em safe.


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