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HOUSTON (KIAH) A big study on SWEARING determined the top ten big cities that use curse words the most. 

Columbus, Ohio tops the list with an average of 36 swear words per day.  The national average is 21.

The ten cities that swear the most are:  Columbus, 36. Las Vegas, 30. Jacksonville, Florida at 28. Oklahoma City, Dallas, Philadelphia and Indianapolis at 25. San Francisco, Louisville, and Fort Worth at 24.

Two cities tied for the least amount of swearing:  Phoenix and Portland, Oregon, at just 14 R-rated words a day. 

Here are a few more quick stats on America’s swearing habits:

1.  The place you’re most likely to use some choice words is at home.  55% of us do most of our swearing at home. Another 24% said while we’re with friends 7% swear the most while driving and 7% said at work.

2.  Work is the top place we WANT to swear but hold back.  In front of strangers and in front of our KIDS also ranked high.

3.  The #1 person we swear at is ourselves.  54% said they swear at themselves more than anyone else.  Swearing at your friends is next with 24%.

8% said they swear at their significant other the most 4% said coworkers 3% said siblings and 1% swear at their parents more than anyone else.

4.  The most universal things that make us want to swear are:  When we hurt ourselves when we have road rage when we get bad news when we’re cracking a joke when we’re arguing and when we get GOOD news.

5.  Our favorite fill-in words to use instead of swearing are: 

  • fudge
  • shoot
  • frick or frickin’
  • crap
  • dang
  • heck
  • darn or darn it
  • holy cow
  • dang or dang it
  • freaking

6.  Only 7% of American adults say they never swear.  The rest of us do, at least occasionally.