Which Super Bowl city has the best food?

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HOUSTON — The Patriots and Falcons are gearing up for Super Bowl LI. But before we find out which city claims football glory, Newsfix wants a city-to-city showdown over food! And we’ll find out where Houston falls into the mix.

The Patriots are representing a long line of culinary customs from New England. The most obvious dish is probably clam chowder. But let’s not forget lobster rolls, which go great with a cold Sam Adams. You could follow that with a slice of Boston cream pie! Heck, New England has desserts covered as the home of all things cranberry!

OK, so New England’s got some flavor. But how does Atlanta stack up? Atlanta is known for southern staples like fried chicken. And it doesn’t have to be breakfast to find grits on the menu. Shrimp and grits is a Georgia classic, washed down with a tall sweet tea and maybe a slice of peach pie.

So that brings us to H-town. Does our fair city have anything for fans from New England and Atlanta? Of course! Houston’s got everything! From Tex-Mex to BBQ and Vietnamese to Cajun food… if you can name it, you can find it in Houston.

So which city is “dope?” Which city has got “hope?” And which town gets a “nope?”

The Boston/New England region, with only a handful of noteworthy dishes, gets a nope. Atlanta, where you can find anything the slightest bit Southern, has hope for the future. And call us biased, but we think Houston is pretty dope when it comes to dining out!

So fans traveling to the Bayou City have more than the game to look forward to. It’s just too bad the Texans can’t compete like our food scene!



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