Who is Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ for 2014?

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NEW YORK, New York - It's been a hell of a week for Kent Brantly. Remember him? He's the Texas doctor who was cured from ebola while working in Africa this summer. And it was his blood donations that ultimately cured others. Yesterday, he was honored by the city of Fort Worth as December 9 was declared Dr. Kent Brantley day.

"This is nothing I ever expected," he told supporters in Ft. Worth, "and I'm very humbled by this honor." Now, he's on the cover of Time. Kent Brantly, along with all the other doctors and nurses who battled Ebola this summer, were named Time magazine's person (or persons) of the year.

We hit the streets of Houston to see if people agreed with the choice?

"I think so, yes," Houstonian Caroline Freeman told us, "he saved some lives and took care of high profile cases."

Christina Oldham agrees, naming off a list of things the doctor has done since being cured, "Sacrificing his own life for other people, donating his own blood."

Time's editors say the decision is based on. "The person or persons who most affected the news and our lives for good or for ill." The runner-up choice was Taylor Swift.

Good to know there are a few bastions of journalism left that still publish news and not just Hollywood popularity contests, right?



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