Whoa baby! UH law student celebrates birth of newborn, graduation and Mother’s Day in 24-hour period

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By: Natalie Hee

HOUSTON -- "It's all going to work out" -- that's the motto for multi-tasking, new mommy and recent University of Houston Law School graduate, Maggie Webber.

"We remodeled our house, finished law school, had the baby and finished all of that in like a one-month span. I don`t know what we were thinking, but I'm really glad that it all happened. It worked out perfectly," Webber said.

Webber had a final on May 8 and her due date for her first-born child was scheduled for just three days later. But when baby Beau didn't arrive on time, Maggie thought maybe she and Beau were meant to walk across the stage together.

"When we made it through Friday all day, I was like 'I'm going to get to go to graduation! Alright!' And then my water broke at midnight and I was like, 'Ok yes!' And it didn't even enter my head that I'd be missing graduation," Webber said.

It was one celebration to another -- from Beau's birthday, Maggie's graduation day and Mother's Day all in 24 hours!
That's a lot of congratulations!

"It's a lot of life markers here and this is the coolest one I've done so far. It's a big step in that direction," dad Hudson Webber said.

Sondra Tennessee, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at the UH Law Center said Maggie has always impressed her with her work ethic and capability.

"Even when she was super pregnant, she was thinking about helping others and volunteering her time to help the incoming freshman. That's just the kind of person that she is and that’s the kind of attorney that she’s going to be -- a person that’s going to be there, conscientious, for her clients, and doing the right thing. She's always prepared, always planning ahead to make the best decisions possible, and we are so excited about her. Go Maggie and go Cougs!" Tennessee said.

"We got about a week of break, then started studying for the bar. But Beau is a good study buddy. Beau sits next to me on the couch while we watch the videos and I take notes with one hand and hold him in the other. So we're going to be OK -- right Beau?" Webber said.

Maggie takes the bar exam at the end of July and starts her new job in corporate law in September. Beau may be the first, but certainly not the last Webber on the docket. It's a case this future attorney is ready to take on.


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