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Many Houston Texans fans are out for blood!

Just a few weeks ago you loved Matt Schaub. The Texans were undefeated, but now he’s un-wearable!  Did you see the burned jerseys?

All of this got me thinking. We are pros at love/hate relationships. It feels like it’s one or the other and there’s no in-between any more.

So why do you think we turn our backs faster than a Texans turnover?

I think we just don’t have patience anymore?  Look at congress and its latest approval rating of 10 %.

We’re fed-up by people who are paid to do a job and just can’t do it the right way.

Whether it’s completing a budget, or completing a pass, we expect people on a pedestal to perform.

When they fail, we lose confidence and move on. No debate, no long discussions—just no more.

No doubt some in Congress will feel that in 2014, and if Matt Schaub can’t get his confidence back, a lot of you might love the decision but hate the results.