Why men like big butts?

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Now here’s a study we can really get behind. Researchers from Bilkent University in Turkey claim they have gotten to the bottom of the age-old question; “Why do some men like big butts?

That’s right! With the recent influx of starlets eager to show off their major assets, one might say we could be in the midst of a big butt boom. With more butt to go around, many guys seem to like what they see. According to new research, men evolved with a hanker for huge haunches. But, the study also claims it’s “not” the size of the seat men have a soft spot for, it’s really the curve of a woman’s spine.

300 men were asked to rate the attractiveness of female silhouettes which showed a varying degree of booty balconies. The backsides that arched out at a 45.5 degree angle above the bubble-butts, were deemed the best looking according to the fellas. And the reason why men are attracted to this angle of dangle, according to research, has to do with early humans.

Primitive women who were expecting, could work around camp longer into the pregnancies, if they had a backside that jutted out and acted like a counter-weight for their expanding bellies. Hence, at least with cavewomen, a big butt while pregnant kept you balanced. That apparently was a big turn-on for cavemen.

So, whether it’s evolution or just plain excitement, the end result is the same, most men like big butts.

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