Why one idiot didn’t vote for Craig Biggio

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voteCINCINNATI, OH – Craig Biggio is a cheater – at least that’s what Jerry Dowling of Cincinnati, Ohio says.

Dowling isn’t a baseball writer he’s a sports cartoonist; but for some reason he gets to vote on who should get in to Cooperstown. On his website Dowling boasts “he refuses to vote for a guy who cheats, as Biggio did with all that armor on his arm, so he could get hit with pitches and trot to first base as a result. He made no attempt to avoid getting hit and actually stuck that arm out further inducing the ball to smack him.”

No doubt being plunked by a pitch was part of Biggio’s game. In addition to his 3,060, the 7 time All-Star was thumped a Major League leading 285 times. That’s not illegal though it’s just part of the game; but maybe the cartoonist didn’t know that.

To further illustrate what an idiot he is, Dowling voted for Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds – two alleged cheaters who also wore the same type armor as Bidge.

Too bad Dowling isn’t a zombie; because we know what Biggio does to zombies. If you don’t, click here.

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