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HOUSTON, TX– Wanna look like a celebrity? Their diet secrets are out there, but following them might mess you up and land you in the poor house.

Look at 1D’s Harry Styles. He’s been linked to the Bulletproof Diet. It involves dosing your morning cup of coffee with two tablespoons of butter. The British Dietetic Association found this diet to be a buncha bull.

Melissa Hawthorne, a registered Houston dietician with the Advice for Eating clinic in Montrose, agrees, “You have a lot of energy in that coffee but really no other nutrients.”

Then there’s the Super Elixir, a fruit and veggie powder endorsed by super hot supermodel Elle Macpherson. In their ad, she explains, “It helps restore the alkaline state of our bodies, which we crave. And this supports metabolism, giving energy all day to live a more balanced life.” It will also cost you $135 a month!

“It’s been very popular these days to say that our body is more acidic and we need to be more alkaline,” says Hawthorne, “but your body does that for you, so you’re spending a lot of money on these pills (to do things) that you really could do with adding more water and fruits and vegetables to your diet.”

And then there’s the Sugar Free Diet. Tom hanks is a fan, but you know what mama says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

“It’s great to eliminate more of the added sugars in processed foods (and) sugar you add to your coffee,” explains Hawthorne, “but it’s those natural sugars that become more of the problem. Fruits, whole grains, dairy, vegetables– those all digest into sugar in your blood. They give you energy.” Take them out of your diet, and your body will start pulling that energy from muscle. No bueno!

Bottom line here, says Hawthorne, “You never know what these fad diets may actually do to your body. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not the diet for you, so a balanced diet, eating all the food groups, maybe cutting back on the portion sizes you may be eating will cause a decrease in calories and get you to your goal of where you wanna be.”

It’s not rocket science, people. You’re welcome!