Wisconsin town adopts bully ordinance

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PLOVER, WI -  Since the dawn of time, man has been running from bullies. Anybody can be a bully, but nobody likes bullies. Becoming one doesn't require an interview or a resume. No experience is required.

You'll find bullies on playgrounds and schools all across America and no parent wants to admit they`re raising one. So there's a Wisconsin town doing something about that.

The Plover Village Board doesn't believe in running away from the problem. Rather, according to this group, it's best to confront it head on. The board approved an ordinance that holds parents accountable when their kids are repeat offenders.

Here's how the bully bill works.  If your kid is caught or reported being a bully, you get a written notice. If the same kid is caught again within 90 days, you pay a $124 fine.

According to the city's police chief, parents may not always be able to protect their kids from the bullies of the world. But the hope is, the wallet is mightier than the sword.  The idea of paying for their kids' bad actions just might motivate mom and dad to withdraw their bully.....and invest in their kids' future, instead!

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