With the British Pound taking a beating, right time for a U.K. vacation

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LONDON –  The morning Brexit became a reality; Donald Trump may have said it best.

“When the Pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry…for traveling, and for other things, you know it could end up being a positive,” Trump said.

With the British Pound dropping to a 31-year low, we Americans can offer sympathy to our long-lost cousins across the pond. Then we can cash in and take flight!!

Linda de Sosa, at Woodlake Travel, loves the U.K. “Since London is my favorite city in the world, I think it`s always a good time to go,” Linda explains.

If you`ve been waiting to give the royal family a visit, now might just be the time, with the Dollar being so strong against the Pound.

“That means for our same dollar you`re going to be able to buy more of whatever it is you`re buying, hotel, food, anything like that,” Linda says.

There`s a few things you can do to really pinch every penny while planning that trip, and depending on how you`ve done in the market since Brexit, pinching pennies might be a real concern.

First, use a travel agent cause it`s their business to know all the best deals. Second, be flexible on when you fly and plan ahead. And third, no one knows how long the pound will stay this low.

“Now if you wanted to pay for your pounds now, and travel later, there are ways to do that,” Linda explains.

So if you`ve always dreamed of seeing how big Big Ben really is, or snagging that coveted selfie in front of Stonehenge, the ‘London Bridges’ to the European Union ‘falling down’ might just mean it`s time to answer ‘London Calling.’



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