Woman arrested for vandalism at National Cathedral

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greenWASHINGTON, DC – When we talk about the nation going green, most folks don’t mean by painting national landmarks; but maybe some people do!

Police arrested Tian Jiamel for allegedly speckling an organ and wall inside two National Cathedral chapels in Washington D.C. She was reportedly carrying a canister of green paint when cops picked her up.

Crews were able to remove the chapel graffiti, but no one’s calling the case closed. In the last week, there’s also been unwanted green art on the Lincoln Memorial, the statue of Joseph Henry (the first Secretary of the Smithsonian) and a Martin Luther memorial by an area church.  Officials are still trying to figure out whether they think Jiamel did them all, or if it’s a copycat.

It would be nice if this vandalism stops soon though. It gives us the blues.



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