Woman claims baby abandoned at fire station is hers

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HOUSTON, TX – Remember the baby left at a Houston fire station Monday? Well, this could be the first day of the rest of the little one’s life. An emergency hearing to give temporary custody to a local foster family; but there’s a surprise here: a woman claiming to be the baby’s mother shows up.

“This woman came today, when CPS was holding an emergency hearing to determine where the child should be placed,’ said Michael Craig, Attorney Ad Litem for the child. ‘She came forward to say she was the mother and that she abandoned the child.”

The judge ordered DNA tests to prove the mother-son connection. The results are expected to be ready by the end of the week.

“Police are here and they’re doing an investigation now,’ added Craig. ‘They’re gonna take her to her home and determine if the child lived there, gather what they can and bring it to the District Attorney’s office to consider charges.”

You heard him – the mother could be charged because the baby was left at Fire Station 39 under the “Baby Moses” law, but you can’t do that once a baby is 2-months-old.

So for now the baby will head to a foster home — the mother may likely think of her own home, and contemplate her decision on Monday.


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