Woman in viral video yelling profanities about ‘Mexicans’ speaks out


She says she was responding to her neighbors calling her "white trash"

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A viral video posted on Fit Fam El Paso’s Instagram showed a woman shouting “some Mexican lady” and “scumbag Mexicans” at her neighbors. The woman, Julie Banks, in that video said what the community saw wasn’t the whole video.

Banks said the exchange was captured more fully on her home security camera. KTSM 9 News received the security camera footage where someone off-camera could be heard calling Banks “white trash.”

“I called her ‘Mexican scum,'” Banks acknowledged, saying she was responding to her neighbors’ use of “white trash” to describe her. “I think ‘Mexican scum’ is the same as ‘white trash,’ so I do not feel that I am racist in any way.”

After the video went viral on social media, Banks was let go from her job from El Paso Electric.

“I shouldn’t have said that just like she shouldn’t of said what she said,” said Banks. “You know I have no problem apologizing for that, but I also do have a problem with only myself, a white lady, being called racist in this situation.”

Some of the paint splattered on Bank’s home

Banks said the incident was prompted by paint damage to her home. Banks said she spoke with a contractor and was told she would have to repaint the whole side of her house where the paint was splattered.

“It’s been made out to three or four drops and it is not, it is a lot of damage to my house. And it all started with them not giving me the contractor’s number,” said Banks.

KTSM went to Banks’s neighbors house to speak with them.

“An unfortunate event that played out in the public and hopefully we can move forward (from) it,” said Christina Guerrero, the neighbor on the other side of the viral video. “I hope that we can learn to live next to each other peacefully.”

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