Woman kills husband, lives with corpse for weeks

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HAINES CITY, FL – Sometimes “Til death do us part” just doesn’t sound like long enough. Case in point? Florida detectives say Sheree Peters killed her husband James and lived with his corpse for weeks.

It’s as bizarre as it is sad.

Friends and family say Sheree wasn’t exactly forthcoming when people asked where her husband was. When Sheree turned up solo on Thanksgiving, that’s when the family had enough.

They searched James and Sheree’s home and unfortunately found what they were looking for: James’ body in the laundry room.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Sheree has even admitted to walking over her husband’s body to get in and out of the house.

Police haven’t released the details into James’ death, but they say the couple had a history of domestic violence. And get this; investigators say Sheree had crack cocaine on her. Go figure?!

Now Sheree is charged with manslaughter and tampering with evidence.

Looks like the next aisle she walks down will be in the courtroom.


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