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NEW YORK, NY – New York police have what can only be called a bizarre attempted rape case on their hands.

Surveillance video taken about 11:30 p.m. August 1 shows a man who came up to a 24-year-old woman, grabbed her around her neck and began fondling her genitals.

Police say the man then told the woman he was going to have sex with her.

The victim says she tried to cut a deal with her attacker, even offering him money not to rape her.

Police say he agreed, and walked with her to a nearby ATM where she took out 20 bucks and gave it to the guy then who ran away with the dough.

A crowded and trendy park is right across the street from where the victim says the man attacked her.

Although the park closes at dusk, it usually has a lot of people out and about around the time that the would-be rapist made his strange $20 deal to take the money and run.