Woman rescued from chimney charged with trespassing

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THOUSAND OAKS, California –  ‘Twas two months before Christmas, on top of a house

There did creep a young woman silent as a mouse.


She climbed on top of this roof, it wasn’t a dare.

It was like she was stalking the man who lived there.


It all began, we are told, by two tempting fates,

Because it all started with several online dates.


The caller told cops about this gal with bad luck

Who jumped down in the chimney and got herself stuck.


They had to remove part of the chimney with care

Just to get to the woman who’s stuck way down there.


They lubed her with soap, just like they would a back door,

And pulled her out through the top, and not from the floor.


Genoveva Nunez Figueroa, by name,

Is the lady cops charged with this crime that’s so lame.



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