Woman serves 5 months in jail for 2 day sentence

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CLARK COUNTY, KY – Do the crime, do the time, right? Well, one Kentucky woman did the time, plus some.

Destiny Hoffman, 34, was sentenced to two days in jail for violation of a drug court program. She spent 154 days locked up.

The sentencing judge, Jerry Jacobi, told Clark County Sheriff’s officials to hold Hoffman “until further notice.”

But then Jacobi forgot about her.

Hoffman sat incarcerated for five months. She wasn’t even given a court-appointed attorney.

It wasn’t until some prosecutor was going through old case files that it was realized Hoffman was still in there.

She’s out now, but she ain’t happy. Hoffman says she might sue the county.

Maybe some money in the bank will help make up for the lost time.


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