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EVERETT, WA – Booby trap or killer cleavage?

That’s the question deputies in Everett, Washington are trying to answer, following the death of a 51-year-old man.

His girlfriend, 50-year-old Donna Lange, is accused of smothering him to death with her big ‘ol boobies.

Let us set the scene:

Deputies were called to a trailer park, where witnesses claim a couple had been fighting.

Once inside the trailer, deputies found the nearly 200-pound woman on top of the smaller man, with her breasts pressed against his face.

Lange was passed out cold, reportedly after a long day of boozin’ and smoking pot.

Her boyfriend, who suffered from a heart condition, was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to deputies, Lange said she was sorry, but did not admit to using her bazookas as a deadly weapon.

And while Lange and her big bust haven’t been busted yet, she could face charges of second-degree manslaughter.

Is this the breast or worst way to die?

We’ll let you be the jugs…uh…judge!