Woman tried to hire hitman to kill Montgomery Co. prosecutor

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CONROE, TX – Prosecutors in Montgomery County say an old lady put a hit out on them. She’s 84-year-old Dorothy Clark Canfield, already in jail for impersonating an immigration attorney. Texas Rangers say she tried to hire a hit man to kill the assistant district attorney and to put the DA in the hospital for a few weeks.

“The reason was clear to target me was she wanted it to appear that this killing and this maiming was in direct connection of what was going on in Kaufman County,’ said DA Brett Ligon. ‘So, evidently I was just to be an add-on just to make it look like the M.O., the modus operandi, in Kaufman County was what was being carried out here.”

Meantime, investigators in Kaufman County think they are closer to naming the killer of DA Mike McClelland, his wife Cynthia, and Assistant DA Mark Hasse.

They’ve arrested former justice of the peace Eric Williams on two counts of insufficient bond and one count of making a terroristic threat.

Federal and local investigators searched his home and a storage unit over the weekend.

Williams resigned as JP after his theft conviction last year. He’s in jail under a $3 million bond while prosecutors decide whether to charge him with the killings.

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