Woman wins $18.6M after Equifax failed to fix her credit report

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PORTLAND, OR – Zombies like to say that if you can’t beat them, eat them. That doesn’t always work, especially if you’re not a zombie.

If you’re a woman in Oregon, you sue them if you can’t beat them.

A federal jury in Oregon awarded Julie Miller $18.6 million in punitive and compensatory damages after she sued Equifax for not fixing mistakes on her credit report.

Miller said she tried eight times to get Equifax Information Services to fix her credit report that contained erroneous accounts and collection attempts, a wrong social security number, and a wrong birth date.

She claimed the mistakes kept her from helping her disabled brother who can`t get his own credit.

The sad thing is that Miller is not alone.

Earlier this year, a Federal Trade Commission study found errors in 21% of credit reports, and that 5% of the errors could lead to denial of credit.

Equifax will probably appeal the award. Wonder if it will show up on their credit rating.



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