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HESSTON, Ks. –  The newest details in the shooting rampage inside a Kansas factory involve two women. Overnight police arrested Sarah Hopkins, and charged her with giving 38-year old Cedric Ford the guns he used to kill three and injure a dozen at the Excel Lawnmower Company.

The court said that as an ex of Ford’s, Hopkins knew she was transferring weapons to a convicted felon.

Authorities say an hour and a half before the shootings, Ford was served with a restraining order from a woman. Police say that may have sparked the violence.

Other victims are now telling their stories.

Minutes before Ford fired randomly at coworkers, Edna Decker says she met him on a street in Hesston, when he approached her car with a machine gun, asking her to get out. Instead she laid down in her car and he fired.

“My first thought was this is how I`m going to die right before it went off, then I thought I wasn`t hurt I wasn`t hit,” said Decker.

A miracle for her, but not for those who would soon be slaughtered.

It didn`t end well for Ford either. He was finally killed by police after causing so much carnage.