Women outpace men in regaining jobs after recession


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HOUSTON, TX – New job numbers are out, and you might be surprised at the results. The good news is that the recession seems largely to have ended — for women, at least.

Yep. American women are now employed in the same numbers as they were before the recession started back in 2007. Men, however, are still short more than 2 million jobs.  That’s because men dominate the jobs hit hardest in the recession — construction and manufacturing — whereas women tend toward industries like retail and health care.

“People that are in the construction industry that are still unemployed, they probably should look at gaining some skills in another industry or a position that might be in the construction field, but a different type of role,” says Rick McCain, Executive Vice President of the Liberty Group.

But if a career change is not in your forecast, you may need to be prepared to weather the storm a little longer.

“What do we tell candidates that are looking for work that are in the construction field? We just tell them that we don’t have an answer because we don’t know when the industry is going to come back.”

The good news is that the technology industry seems to be holding steady in employment for both men and women. And with more women out earning their husbands these days anyway, women may be on top for a long while to come.


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