World Naked Bike Ride to protest fossil fuels

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PORTLAND, OR – Protesting naked while riding a bike, that’s how  you do it in Portland.

More than 10,000 people made it out to this year’s six-mile “World Naked Bike Ride” in Oregon. This is a far cry from the 125 riders which started the ride in 2004.

The bare-bottomed riders went all out for the event.

Stephen Upchurch, the ride’s organizer calls it “a protest against our society’s dependence on fossil fuels.”

One participant says the ride “delights the city.”

Although riding around naked usually gets you in trouble with the cops, the city code deems protesting naked is “protected.”

Portland Police will let riders be as long as they do not start early and stay on the designated route.

Sgt. Pete Simpson says “Portland has in many ways embraced it as part of what makes us Portlandia.”

Justin Myers, a participant says breaking down social rules helps people become more willing to talk to each other. “I don’t meet so many fun people, except when I’m at something like this” he says.

Whatever you’re fighting for, pedaling without pants is definitely one way to get your voice heard.



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