World’s coolest cop patrols on a skateboard

World’s Coolest Cop Patrols on a Skateboard

Green Bay Police Officer, Joel Zwicky is the world’s first skateboarding cop.

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GREEN BAY, WI – A Green Bay police officer is taking to the streets to fight crime but on a different set of wheels.

Meet the world’s first skateboarding cop, Officer Joel Zwicky.

He started his skating patrols in March and has already become quite a fixture in his community,  and now throughout the world.

The ten-year veteran says he’s just thankful the police chief OK’ed the idea and got him out of his patrol car.

Zwicky,  also, says the skateboard allows him access to places he’d otherwise be unable to patrol.

He hopes other departments across the country will implement skateboards as a way to patrol, if, of course, their officers are “rad” enough!


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