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HOUSTON, TX – Most of us can deal with a fly landing on our food, but a cockroach? Forget about it.

The grim reaper of the bug world, Orkin, now estimates nearly two thirds of people would still chow down on their food if a fly landed on their meal. Only 3% of people would still eat that food if a roach crawled over it. Okay, not too shocking, but what is, is the fact that flies actually carry more disease. They spit on your food before taking a nibble themselves, leaving the rest to you.

Nancy Greig with the Museum of Natural Science in Houston says, “They’re definitely much more likely to transmit a disease than a cockroach. Cockroaches don’t really transmit disease. Not all flies of course are filth feeders, but especially since they can fly around much more than cockroaches. I think they are by far a worse threat as far as transmitting disease, so go cockroaches, be kind to cockroaches.”

Okay,  we hear you, but cockroaches are just so nasty looking!

So, next time a fly comes along to sample your dish, you might want to reconsider taking a bite, and if a roach comes across your food, well, then you might just want to re-evaluate your living situation.