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LOS ANGELES, CA- A huge loss for WWE fans . . . wrestling legend Joanie Laurer, known as “Chyna”, was found dead Wednesday night.

When she stopped answering calls, a friend went to her Cali apartment to check up on her; she was unresponsive.

Redondo Beach Police confirmed the worst when they arrived. Although cause of death hasn’t been released, it’s suspected overdose.

Regardless of how she died, she’s an industry icon. After all, they did call her the “9th wonder of the world”.

If you’re upset about losing Chyna, there’s another Chyna who can’t stop winning these days.

Blac Chyna, just got a sleek new Lambo — a gift from her fiance Rob Kardashian.

Damn, Chyna sure turned the tables.

The former stripper got dumped by her baby daddy — rapper Tyga — for then underage Kylie Jenner.

You already know how Chyna’s petty revenge went down.

The Kardashian’s stole her man, now she’s marrying their brother. Rob gave his love of only a few months a seven-carat diamond engagement ring!

. . . . And soon, Tyga will be legally an uncle to his own son.

This whole “love web” has caused years of Chyna-Kylie fueds.

Now **major plot twist** . . .  the two are snapping bestie selfies.  Chyna’s caption “hanging with lil sis”. Lil’ sis? She’s also your child’s step mom!

While everyone’s trying to keep up with this mess, Chyna’s laughing all the way to the bank.

In the world of “Chyna’s”, it’s a good time to be a Blac Chyna fan.