Wyoming senator wants to allow for firing squads to execute death row inmates

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CHEYENNE, WYOMING –  While some folks are up in arms about the unusually long and painful execution of a rapist and killer in Ohio, others are ready to fire!

Republican senator Bruce Burns has introduced a bill in the Wyoming legislature, allowing for a firing squad to execute death row inmates when the lethal injection is unavailable.  Ohio executioners ran short on the blend of chemicals used for capital punishment last week, so they tried an untested drug.  The result: it took Dennis McGuire 25 minutes to die.

Since 1977, Utah’s been the only state in the US where firing squads had executed prisoners.  Three in total.  Meanwhile, Missouri is also having trouble getting the lethal injection, so they’re experimenting with new methods.  It’s never been so complicated to send criminals straight to hell.  But you know what they say: it’s not the journey, it’s the destination.



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