Yates teacher accused of improper relationship with student

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HOUSTON, TX – A Yates High School teacher is being accused of deviating way too far from the lesson plan. History teacher DeSergio Parrish is charged with three felonies, including having an improper relationship with a student and sexual assault of a child.

The accuser says she and Parrish had sex approximately eight times, in her home and in his home.

It all started in 2012 when she was 16, and the relationship allegedly continued until October 2013.

If that’s not incriminating enough, court documents say she was able to describe the inside of Mr. Parrish’s home, right down to the tan carpet and two dogs.

The probable cause documents also say Parrish admitted to having sex with the student in an interview with HISD’s police department, calling it a “mistake.” Yeah, a BIG mistake.

It’s possible spring break could turn into a permanent break for Mr. Parrish.

Two Cold Fronts Coming



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