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HOUSTON, TX – They keep telling us to drink water; but should we be concerned about the water bottles?

Researchers at the University of Kansas show a link between water bottles and migraine headaches may exist. Specifically, Bisphenol A or BPA in the bottles.

Arch Carson, MD, PhD, with UT School of Public Health explained, “They administered BPA to rats and they showed rats exhibiting behavior which is very similar to the kinds of behaviors that are caused in people that are experiencing migraines.”

For years we’ve known that BPA in plastics are bad for us because they cause a hormonal imbalance by increasing levels of estrogen.
Many products no longer contain them, but don’t rush to throw your water bottles away.

“More acidic contents, fruit juices or heavier items like foods that are stored in those same kinds of containers may leach more BPA out of them than water does,” according to Carson.

A lot more study needs to be done before any finite conclusion are made regarding migraines.

Carson adds, “It’s too soon to really disrupt our routines and daily practices by avoiding anything that has BPA in.”

But if you’re having a lot more migraines, changing your drinking habits, might be something to think about.