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BOSTON – While you may associate Zika with mosquitoes, there are new findings that the virus could be contracted through sexual transmission, more than previously thought.

A letter just published by the New England Journal of Medicine documents a case in France in which a man who had traveled to Brazil may have spread it to his partner through oral sex.

A 24-year-old woman referred to as Patient 1 in the article reported having sexual contact with Patient 2 over a period of time in which the episodes involved ejaculation without the use of a condom, as well as oral sex with ejaculation.

Patient 1 had not traveled to any of the regions where Zika is an epidemic nor to any tropical or subtropical areas. She also had not received any blood transfusions. Patient 1 contracted Zika and was sick for approximately 7 days.

Patient 2 reported a fever while he was in Brazil, but he felt better by the time he arrived in France to see his sexual partner.