Zimmerman juror anonymously speaks out

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SANFORD, FL – Not only is a lot of jury duty a boring snooze-fest, but you’ve got someone else fate resting in the palm of your hand. That’s a lot of pressure!

Now juror B-37 from the Zimmerman case is anonymously speaking out. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, she said “I want people to know that we put everything into … this verdict.”

“It was just hard thinking somebody lost their life, and there’s nothing else that could be done about it,” she said tearfully.

B-37 said she doesn’t want to sit-in on any more interviews, or juries. There had been talk that she would write a book, but that’s out of the picture now too.

She she feels sorry for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. With all the anger circulating, we feel sorry for her.

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