Zip codes affect booze prices

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HOUSTON, Tx. — Think it’s a coincidence that Big Brew Houston, one of the nation’s largest craft beer festivals, just so happens to begin the same Monday night that the Texans play the Steelers?

Neither did we! Got us thinking about all the beer fans who will be enjoying this evening (it’s not football without a brewsky).

The we stumbled across a Wallet Hub study, that found the average cost of a six-pack can vary by almost 100% depending on your zip code.

Long story short: Baton Rouge, Louisiana has the cheapest beer in America at $7.41, and Aurora, Illinoios has the most expensive at an average of $13.32.

Brew-ston didn’t even make the list. With all the breweries we’ve got around this great city of ours, it shouldn’t be too tough for Bayou City residents to find a beer they like.

So, drink up and go Texans!



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