zSpace shows Houston educators 3D’s place in the classroom

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HOUSTON, TX - Whether it’s Star Wars’ Princess Leia beckoning for Obi Wan, or Tupac performing posthumously at Coachella, people love holograms and virtual reality.   One company is proving these technologies can be used for more than just entertainment.

Z-space is in town showing Houston area educators how this new technology can be used in the classroom.

Gary Murphy explains, “It brings that real world virtual experience for kids… We bring them out of a multi-sensory world, into a classroom…Y ou know they’ve got Xbox at home, they’ve got their phones, they’ve got all these other things, but if you can bring them in and show them an experience that’s just like outside of the classroom… we’ve seen a high motivational factor with kids.”

Through the use of a stylus and these glasses, students can manipulate materials in virtual space that could be too large, too costly, or too weird to have in the common classroom.

And when the teachers were done having fun testing it out, they had a lot to say.

Allie Johnson from St. Marks Episcopal School commented “The technology is amazing… It would be incredible to even have just the teacher presentation tool. I think the kids would get a lot of use out of it. The kids love anything 3D.”

And Harold Scott from Houston Community College said, “My first impression is … exciting! I see it being very engaging for students. And for them to actually be able to explode and take apart models into a 3D space, I just see that capturing their attention.”

The days of dissecting frogs, pigs, or anything else for that matter, might soon be replaced by a 3D interactive experience.



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