HOUSTON (CW39) — Wondering about the best burgers in Houston? We checked with Yelp for the list of Top 10 burgers.

1. burger-chan

If you haven’t heard of burger-chen, you’re not the only one, but we aren’t surprised it topped the list because it’s unique in how they prepare a glaze used, or not incase you have allergies. They detail how they make it happen. The patty alone is the centerpiece of their creation. They use butter, Worchestershire sauce and soy, mushroom for a smoky flavor.

2. Stanton’s City Bites

Many would argue this is the best burger in the city and has been for a long time according to many Houstonians who have tried the burger. Each burger has a half-pound patty and doesn’t skimp on toppings and add-on items. They’re located just north of downtown too.

3. Hippo Burgers

This burger claims to be the best in Texas. They serve shakes, wings and more. “We Believe That Each Burger Should be a MasterPiece, And Every Bite a Glorious Experience!!!” it says on their website.

4. The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint offers a fusion of flavors like Kimchi, veggie and other varieties of flavor in their hand crafted selections.

5. Piper’s Burger

Piper’s has six burgers to choose from. Hot dogs too. A chicken sandwich and banana pudding.

6. Lankford Grocery

7. House of Fries

8. Chunk’s Burger

9. Johnny Good Burger

10. Champ Burger