DALLAS (KDAF) — Tacos are one of those foods that transcend any barriers that might be between two people because no one is worried about anything during the time they’re consuming tacos.

The power that tacos hold from the simplicity of Taco Bell to the complexity that some of the top restaurants in the world pour into them can bring people from any walk of life together. We wanted to know where to get the best tacos across America, so, we checked out a report from Gayot that looked into this crucial matter.

The report questions, “Are you a taco traditionalist who enjoys a corn tortilla stuffed with meat, cilantro and salsa? Or, perhaps you favor more out-of-the-box fillings?”

So, obviously, Texas has some seriously delicious tacos, but it’s quite interesting that only one restaurant from the Lone Star State made the list. We will say this restaurant is extremely valid for the food they serve.

For the best tacos in Texas and the country, head on down to Houston to give Xochi a try to see just how hard they’re bringing their flavors into their Mexican-inspired menu. “Chef Hugo Ortega draws inspiration from Mexico’s state of Oaxaca at downtown Houston spot Xochi, named after Xóchitl (the Nahuatl word for “flower”). A must-try is the mole tasting plate with four classic Oaxacan sauces with handmade tortillas for dipping,” Gayot said.