HOUSTON (CW39) Still haven’t bought a Mother’s Day gift?  Here’s one that’ll make her say, “Oh . . . okay . . . thanks!”  KFC partnered with the site ProFlowers.com, and they’re giving away free kits to make a bouquet that’s half-flowers, half fried-chicken.

They’re calling them “Kentucky Fried Buckquets” . . . spelled B-U-C-K-Q-U-E-T, like a mix of “bouquet” and “bucket” pronounced buck-ay.  To get one, you have to order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal online between May 1st and May 3rd.

Then you’ll get a promo code you have to use on ProFlowers.com by May 5th.

It comes with a dozen roses . . . a glass vase with a sleeve that makes it look like a KFC bucket . . . and a bunch of skewers to put the chicken on.  But you have to buy the fried chicken separately.