HOUSTON (CW39) – Happy National Croissant Day! Marie Antoinette, ever heard of her? She takes credit for introducing the croissant to France over 200 years ago! On January 30th of every year we celebrate this French pastry.

Curved vs. Straight: What is the difference?

Beside the shape of the dough, there are other differences behind the shape of a genuine croissant. The curved ones are made of margarine while the straight one is made with butter.  

Buttery croissants are generally preferred in France. A curved croissant is called a croissant ordinaire.

Ingredients for Baking

Butter, flour, sugar, salt, yeast, milk, and eggs are generally what you will need for the basis of all croissant recipes along with PLEANTY OF TIME.

Baking with the weather

The location of origin of these pastries, like mentioned before, is France. Far from the tropical climates. Coincidence that this location’s bread performs better? Not at all. Over and over again I am convinced that WEATHER IMPACTS EVERYTHING!

Baking is a science. Temperature, humidity, and air pressure are all factors that can turn your croissant ordinaire from a smile to a frown.

Michelle Morris, Executive Chef, joins us on the show to teach us all about how to overcome the weather elements in the kitchen, and why baking is the tropics is so tricky!

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