CW39 Houston advances with a new format to best serve Houston.

On August 20, 2020, CW39 Houston officially debuted CW39 Houston NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC, ending Morning Dose.

CW39 Houston NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC has been in the works over the last several weeks. Set modifications, an all new weather center, and custom news anchor desk are all fresh additions viewers will see weekdays from 6-10a.m.. New lighting and stage platforms are also added essentials that will showcase what’s next in CW39’s 53 year history.

CW39 Houston NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC also has a constant ‘L-Bar’ feature with weather and traffic updates in both the vertical left and lower horizontal parts of your screen. The ‘L-Bar’ remains in place for the entirety of each weekday program. CW39 anchor Sharron Melton will deliver your breaking news and headlines.

CW39 Houston NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC will air from 6-10a.m. weekday mornings, with a closer look at minute-by-minute weather and traffic as well as stories that dive into rapid changes like construction and weather quality in and around Houston that impacts us every day.

CW39 is also reaching out to affiliates like meteorologist David Yeomans at our sister station in Austin. Yeomans spoke with Sotolongo this morning about the double threat that could be heading to the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s a look at what he had to say about the possibility of warnings for our area.

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