HOUSTON (KIAH) – Death, taxes, and the Astros in the World Series. It’s becoming our October tradition around Houston these days.

If you’re looking for tickets get ready to shell out the cash! Hannah looks into the cheapest prices in both Houston and Philadelphia.

With so much money being spent on the Astros these days, we also help you find other ways to save. It’s Tax Tip Tuesday and we have the pro’s at Finishline Tax Solutions break down tax resolution. Plus, Power Wizard is always here to help you save on electricity as well.

It’s also the time of year when people will be signing up for healthcare with open enrollment. Don’t stress, we talk with experts to help you figure out the best plan for you.

Health remains a huge topic of conversation on the show and especially women’s health. We talk with a doctor about painful fibroids and what women can do to ease the pain.

Finally, did you know it’s International Artist Day? We celebrate by welcoming Monica Melgar to the show to show off her incredible work!

All of that and more on Houston Happens!


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