KIAH (CW39) Today on Houston Happens Maggie had the opportunity to chat with the writer and director of the stage play, “Soul Purpose,” Chericia Curtis about how she came up with the idea of the play and why its so important to her. Maggie also spoke with lead singer of the Temptations, Tony Grant who is an actor in the play.

The play was supposed to originally air in late January, but due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 the play has been pushed back to March 5th and 6th.

 The Soul Purpose stage play is a story of courage, strength, faith, perseverance, empowerment, and inspiration told vividly through the lives of five unstoppable and courageous African American women. Each woman has a unique struggle, yet by building a strong relationship and an unbreakable sisterhood, the spiritual connection between them is one that proves where two or more stand together chains are broken, mountains are moved, and prayers are answered.  The five women realize that their challenges, pain, and struggles do not define them. Their journey of faith and hope lead them to their soul’s purpose despite their personal trials and tribulations.

“I am so excited to bring my stage production back to Houston Texas after a phenomenally successful sold-out show in April 2019.  The cast and crew fell in love with the city of Houston and excited to bring it back.   “Soul Purpose isn’t just a play, it’s an experience that will touch the heart and soul of every audience member.” says show creator Chericia Curtis.”  Audience members will be able to see mirror images of themselves through the lives of these powerful women, and immediately connect with the essence of their soul. If anyone has ever felt lost, alone, afraid, hopeless or like giving up, Soul Purpose will encourage them to keep trusting in God and inspire them to keep pushing onward and upward with undeniable excitement in search of their soul’s purpose.  

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