HOUSTON (KIAH) – We’ve got it all from the Lone Star Rally, to being ‘Smart with Money’, to celebrating the birth of the next great athlete on Houston Happens.

Lot’s of baby announcements coming out this time of year! First it was Maggie, and now former Houston athletes Kealia and JJ Watt welcome their first child. Koa James Watt was born on Sunday, October 23, JJ announced on his Instagram. Congratulations to the Watt family!

We have some helpful tips for new parents when it comes to teaching them about the real world. ‘Smart with Money’ is a program created by Dr. Barbara Walker-Green to help children learn how to handle money. She discusses the many benefits of taking part in the program.

Plus, are you looking for something to do next weekend? Look no further than the Lone Star Rally in Galveston! Outlaw Dave joins the show to tell us all about the special event.

Finally, a new company launches with the hope of education women on their sexual health. Co-founder and President Amanda Johnson Morgan tells us all about it.


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