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HOUSTON (KIAH) We have a lot of fun on today’s show! Cirque Alcatraz will join us live to talk about their latest prison themed show starting this weekend in Cypress. Then Maggie will tell us about Bee Cave Bob, an armadillo in Texas that predicts the weather. I mean who needs a groundhog when we have an armadillo in our own backyard! Join us for a the fun today on Houston Happens!

Cirque Alcatraz is the newest production of Cirque Entertainment, LLC, the company who created the incredible water circuses of Cirque Italia and the dark side of the circus world with Paranormal Cirque.

Cirque Alcatraz will take you on a journey through the lives of two best friends wrongly convicted and sentenced to one of the most notorious prisons in the country – it’s infamy coming from the fact that most prisoners sentenced will never be released.

This show is rated “R” for mature audiences only. Ages 18 and up are welcome, and ages 13 – 17 are permitted with an adult guardian.

This is the newest innovation in new-age circus entertainment brought to you once again by Manuel Rebecchi, the founder and President of Cirque Entertainment. 


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