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(Nexstar) — Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers are cracking down on COVID-19 protocol violators — going as far as revoking credentials.

Over the weekend, Olympic organizers say “multiple” people including athletes and staff were caught gathering and drinking alcohol in an athletes village park.

“We are investigating the situation and based on the result will take appropriate action.” Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto said.

Six people have had their credentials revoked and eight others are currently suspended after Olympic organizers say COVID-19 rules were broken.

“There are some violations to the playbook rules,” Muto said.

Those playbook rules were set in place before the Games started to minimize the spread of COVID-19. That includes using official Games transportation and avoiding crowds.

“Every time there is a case we need to go deep and take action,” Executive Director for the Olympic Games Christophe Dubi said.

Those who have already had their credentials revoked include two Georgian judo athletes. The pair left the athletes village to go sightseeing. Another person had their credentials revoked after being arrested.

“An employee who was arrested due to possession of drugs. For these people, accreditation [was] removed,” Muto said.

Organizers say they’re taking the lessons they are learning now to be ready for the Paralympic Games, which start in about three weeks.