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HOUSTON (CW39) In 2020, there were 59 million people doing freelance work in the United States, and this is continually increasing. In response to this, I have a new study.

Fun facts about are 5 things to know …

  • Dallas is the Best City in the US for Freelancers to Work (& Play)
  • Texas Is the Best State in the U.S. to Be a Freelance Worker
  • Torrance, California is the worst US city to be a freelance worker
  • San Diego has the most expensive Wi-Fi in the US with costs twice the price of Seattle
  • NYC has the most coworking spaces in the US with 1 for every 6000 commuters

For many, working full-time in the office feels like a lifetime ago. With the introduction of working from home and hybrid working as a response to COVID-19, many workers in the US no longer use traditional office spaces. This growing flexibility and lack of commute has resulted in an increase in freelancers, with nearly 51% of the US workforce expected to be freelancing by 2027*

Deciding to go freelance is a large decision in itself, given the importance of insurance coverage, the headache of self-employment taxes, and other factors, choosing where to be a freelancer can make-or-break the potential benefits.

Is it going to be financially viable with the additional resources a freelancer might require, such as Wi-Fi costs or the price to rent a meeting room? Will you need access to co-working spaces and desks to fulfill the requirements of your role? 

A new study from ToolTester has analyzed exactly that, in order to educate potential freelancers on where they’ll make the most of their income. 

The 15 best cities in the US for freelancers

RankCityState No. coworking spacesAvg. cost coworking spaces/monthAvg. Wi-Fi cost/ pmNo. coworking desksNo. meeting roomsAvg. cost meeting room /phIndex Score
6Kansas CityMO34$249.88$103.337012$29.4074.3
7Salt Lake CityUT32$288.44$55.002614$28.7574.1
15Fort WorthTX11$280.60$92.494211$24.9470.5