Many dream of a total body makeover, but how many actually achieve it?

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Not to be the bearer of bad news— just keeping it real— but according to the University of Scranton research, a whopping 92% of people that set goals never actually achieve them! Here's someone who made it to the 8% with a total body transformation!

"I've been coming to Hero Performance for 18 months. I lost 26 pounds and 12% body fat since I started," Ashleigh said.

What was Ashleigh's inspiration behind her total body transformation? "I tried on these pants and they didn't fit me. I'm like 'My God! I need to lose some weight! ...My kids, myself, my husband. They were my biggest motivation," explains Ashleigh.

For moms who think they'll never get their old body back after giving birth, Ashleigh says otherwise!  "Oh no you can! Haha! ... I'm a mom of 2 and you can definitely go back to looking better than before!"

Not every day smells like roses on the journey to get fit. "On the days I didn't want to come...I mean I pushed myself. ... But once you're here and start doing it, it's like okay it comes out naturally."

It's never a straight line to the top. There are always dips and curves, bumps and bruises along the way. "Any workout counts. The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen," explains Ashleigh.

Okay, now you're dying to know the juicy details. HOW did she do it?! "I started at Hero Performance with 2 days. Then I moved up to 3. Now I come here 6 days.

When people first start on their fitness journey, they think they have to go REALLY HARD, right off the bat. But in REALITY, you should start small, and GRADUALLY work your way up, IF you want to last!

"Hero Performance has been the biggest impact on my journey. The minute you walk into this gym it's like- YEAH! They help me with my nutrition," says Ashleigh.

What was her biggest nutritional change? "I stopped eating the hot cheetos with pickles! At first I was like 'Ughh that's nasty! Ughh vegetables again?! Boring!'" However, the taste buds change and your body literally starts to crave what's good for you.

"I'm constantly eating! My boss tells me all the time 'Oh my God-you're eating again!'" says Ashleigh.

In addition to the physical appearance, Ashleigh gained so much more. "Everything! I've noticed self confidence. I feel healthy! With more energy. I feel great. Incredibly great!"

Ashleigh says she eats eight smaller meals per day, with protein in each meal and gets 8 hours of sleep per night.

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