Quick workout for defined shoulders and abs of steal with fitness expert Lindsey Day

Lindsey Day Fitness
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By popular request, here is PART 2 of fitness expert Lindsey Day's four-part series. She's showing us her weekly workout routine secrets!

She lifts weights four times per week, focusing on one or two muscle groups per session. Today, she's taking us through her shoulders and abdominal workout.

This week's secret is switch up the number of sets and reps to get gains and prevent plateaus!

We're starting with an Arnold Shoulder press, named after Schwarzenegger himself!

If you catch yourself constantly defaulting to the same old 3 sets, 15 reps, let's try something new! Try 20 reps for the first set, 15 reps for the second, then 10, then 5 reps for the 4th set.

2 - Dumbbell Shoulder Box.

Do the same rep scheme: 20, 15, 10, 5.

Be sure to increase the weight as you decrease the reps.

3 - Dumbbell front raise lateral raise combo.

Lift your arms until they're parallel with the ground.

Now onto the ab circuit! Do 1 minute of the following:

1 - Hanging leg raises.

2- Plank knee to elbows.

3- Dumbbell Russian side twists.

Repeat the ab circuit 3 times.

Oh, and you might not want to tell any funny jokes tomorrow because it might hurt to laugh!

You can workout with fitness experts Lindsey Day (IG: @LindseyDayFitness) and Titus Unlimited (IG: @TitusUnlimited) tomorrow!

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