HOUSTON (KIAH) Excitement is growing across Texas as the Powerball® and Lotto Texas® jackpots continue to climb, offering Texas Lottery® players another chance to win the two-largest jackpot prizes on the continent on the same night – Wednesday, Feb. 1. The Powerball Grand Prize, now the 8th largest in game history, stands as the largest jackpot prize in North America at an estimated annuitized $653 million with an estimated cash value worth $350.5 million. The Lotto Texas jackpot, the largest in more than two years, offers the second-largest jackpot prize on the continent an estimated annuitized $36.75 million with an estimated cash value of $22.4 million. 

Texas Lottery players once again have the rare opportunity to play for – and win – the two largest jackpots in North America on Wednesday night. These growing jackpots have produced strong sales over the last several weeks, which will help the Texas Lottery achieve its mission of generating much-needed revenue for public education in Texas. As this round of jackpot excitement continues, we want to remind our players to play responsibly. It only takes one ticket to win.

Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery

TONIGHT’S historical jackpots

Wednesday’s Powerball drawing will be the 32nd in the current Powerball jackpot run since starting as an estimated annuitized $20 million for the Nov. 21, 2022 drawing. This Powerball jackpot is the largest since the world record estimated annuitized $2.04 billion Grand Prize for the drawing held on Nov. 7, 2022, which was won out-of-state. If there is no jackpot winner for tonight’s Powerball drawing, the Grand Prize for the Saturday, Feb. 4 drawing will roll to an estimated annuitized $700 million.

Lotto history

Texas joined the multijurisdictional Powerball game in 2010 and had its first Powerball Grand Prize winner in 2013 when Paul McDowell of Bells claimed the advertised $40 million jackpot prize from the May 29, 2013 drawing. Texas had its most recent Grand Prize winner in February 2015 when TL Management Trust, Andrew Weber, Trustee of Austin, claimed a share of the $564.1 million Grand Prize with two other winners.

During the current jackpot run, three Texas Lottery players have won second-tier Powerball prizes of $1 million or larger. A Fort Worth resident claimed a $1 million second-tier prize for the drawing held on Nov. 21, 2022 and a Del Valle resident claimed a second-tier prize worth $1 million for the Jan. 16 drawing. More recently, a winning Quick Pick ticket with Power Play® worth $2 million was sold in Killeen for the Jan. 28 drawing; the prize is yet to be claimed.